Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverence

Obviously Bubba Sparxxx has an excellent name. He's all fat and cuddly and it's like he tries to kiss you at the end of his name. Oooh, he's so cute.

However, Bubba's gettin' serious on yo' respective asses. I don't really listen to rap lyrics but I get the impression he's painting a vivid picture of a man's epic struggle against restrictive forces, or sommat.

Anyway, this would sound cool in a film, with Bubba striding along a dirt road in Georgia or wherever he's from, with something like a guitar on his back. But of course Bubba ain't no guitarist, no Siree, he's a rapper so he needs something more appropriate on his back, something that symbolises his career. A mic is too small, Timbaland is too fat, so it'd have to be a pig really. Yeah, a pig.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Sugababes - "Hole In The Head"

What I love about this;
the insanely catchy bridge and chorus hooks. I had a walk of about 45 minutes yesterday and my discman's batteries died about 5 minutes in, and these bits were in my head for the rest of the journey. This was a very good thing. Especially as they played it at the pub when I got there.
Also, the little popping drums which sort of ricochet around the track, making my eyebrows bounce.

It's been said that it's a disappointing first lead single but, umm, you know, it is living up to "Overload" and "Freak Like Me", two seismic skullcrushers of singles. It's not them, but it's like the tearaway cousin of "Round Round" and easily the equal of it. Good thing.

Don't hate on the 'Babes people, Keisha's eye makeup will 'ave you.
So this is the blogosphere then. Hmm, quite nice. I might stick around.

So anyway, I've decided to start a blog. Why? Hmmm, well, mainly because I've been reading them a lot recently and it seems like a fairly cool thing to do. Like most people, I have thoughts and sometimes these thoughts might even warrant being read. Now they can be.

Basically, I'm going to write about pop music because;

a. most of the blogs I read are about pop music,
b. some might say I actually know know a little about it, and
c. it's lively, ever-changing and fun.......just like me. Urgh, I can't believe I just wrote that.

So, me then; I'm Nick, I'm 20 and sometime back in the dark early 2000s, I decided to commit myself to studying Mathematics for a further 3 years. Two years in and the idea appeals less, but, you know, I'm over halfway now, it's further to go back than keep going, yada yada yada........ I live currently in Nottingham but hail originally from Basingstoke, so my local musical heritage is Six By Seven covering Tinita Tikaram.

I like music. Some might even say I Love Music, but that's another website entirely. I'm not going to bore with a giant list of disparate acts who float my boat because no-one'd like everything I'd write down and it'd pigeonhole me a little. Hopefully my tastes will become apparent, although I do rather base that on the assumption that anyone bothers to read this.

What I will say is this; this blog is called Simple Pleasures because what I like about music are the little bits and bobs floating around, the isolated moments which make you say "cool". A daft sound effect here, an elongated vowell sound there, hopefully you get the gist.

I can't imagine many people will read this as it's not terribly original or, more importantly, good, and there's a lot better examples of this around. But if you do, enjoy.

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