Thursday, October 28, 2004

Right, here we go again. I told you I’d write some more stuff, and here I am to write about something you probably know about and hopefully like too, but due to lack of download capabilities I’m not hearing anything new really. So today, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to discuss Brassy.

I’ve got them on at the moment with what I think is their debut album called "Got It Made". It was released in 2000 but sounds bloody great still. It’s pretty surprising that they never made any inroads into the mainstream because they seem to have all the necessary qualities and might well go down a treat if the population at large were to hear them. I’m trying to find a genre it’d fit into but it seems to delve into so many; pop, rock, dance, hip-hop (DJ Sweat scratches his life away brilliantly). But I think above all what attracts me to it is what I seem to value above all else in my favourite music; hooks. It has them everywhere, in every song. They’re both musical and vocal, delivered by Muffin Spencer who I think is the sister of John Spencer (of the John Spencer Blue Explosion, not the ex-Chelsea player, unless they’re the same person). She kind of snarls, loosely raps and coos all within a few seconds. It’s rapid stuff but above all it’s catchy. I seem to have the view these days that if a song is catchy then it’s done it’s job.

And that leads me to say that "Love Machine" by the mighty Girls Aloud got stuck in my head the other day for a fair few hours, having only really heard the first few lines of the chorus. Normally when this happens I hate it because the song isn’t really worth it but god-damn the Aloud always seem to deserve it. Really, we need that new album now, not at the end of November. They really are the band of the bloggers it seems and almost define our love of music these days. (That might well be a wild generalisation that doesn’t hold true. Feel free to email me with abuse now if you want.)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Right, that was another rather long silence wasn’t it? Hmm, well I do have a fairly good excuse; following my near-death accident I’m living with my parents until the end of January and they, not being the huge internet obsessives that I am, haven’t got broadband and have instead got incredibly slow dial-up internet which I can’t download anything on. I also don’t have a part-time job (ring me back pub owner) so money is not flowing in with which to buy stupid quantities of CDs.

However, there is a slight upside to almost dying, and that’s that my memory is all weird and I’m not 100% familiar with all my CDs and records (or indeed all my MP3s). Thus I am working my way through them bit by bit and rediscovering them again. So if you ever get bored of music, break your skull and lose some memory and you’ll rediscover all your old favourites again, and for free. Nice.

And this has lead me to some real class. This weekend I’ve been listening to "25 Years Of Rough Trade Shops", which is a 4 CD compilation of various things from that time up ‘til 2001 (Rough Trade is group of record shops in London, non-Brits). And two tracks stand out above the other 54.

Firstly it’s The Buzzcocks’ "Boredom". This is the song which awakened me to the joy of The Buzzcocks, so I bought "Singles Going Steady", which bizarrely doesn’t feature "Boredom". I’ve now come to the idea that The Buzzcocks are my favourite punk band. It all happened before I was born so I came into it blind to a certain extent, but reading the NME as a teenager told me that The Clash and The Sex Pistols were the main players. I bought loads of Clash albums and Sex Pistols, er, album and liked them a lot. The NME did almost act as if there weren’t any others of note but dear god, what about The Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Dead Kennedies, The Stooges, The Undertones and of course the Buzzcocks. I think what I like most about them is that they don’t obviously shun pop music. Their stuff is pop basically but with killer guitar riffs coupled with the great pop hooks. This is probably all common knowledge to any readers of this but maybe someone will have their eyes opened.

The second song on this comp. which grabs me is rather different, in that it’s Peaches’ "Fuck The Pain Away". Obviously filthy in the extreme, but we all love that don’t we? As memory serves it’s Detroit booty bass, and I love that anyway. Bizarrely I don’t have any Peaches CDs but she is on my ever-growing wish list. I like the way she fights gender stereotypes by having an album called "Fatherfucker". Since my accident I do get a lot of pain and I think Peaches’ idea of fucking it away is one I’d like to try but there are two possible problems; it takes two to tango and also the pain is in my back so I’m not if fucking might make it worse. Hmm, I might ask my physiotherapist.

Anyway, I will try to do more on this blog because it’s a bit dormant and probably no-one bothers reading it now. But I’m in the mood. Oh yeah.

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